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Tutorial - Memories
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Memories - Exercise 1

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In the first exercise, we'll be doing some picking patterns while we play through the CMaj7 and G chords.

If you're new to playing picking patterns through chord progressions, make sure you practice this slowly so you can focus on developing clean technique. Especially when practicing on an acoustic, you may find that some of the notes make "buzzing" sounds. That's mostly due to incorrect placement of your fret-hand fingers within the frets. Make sure you find that soft spot within each fret where you can easily play the notes without any buzzing. The ideal placement for your fingers within the frets is usually right before the fret wire.

Check out the tab below. You'll notice in each measure we're going to be playing a single hammer-on. Make sure the note you hammer on is equal in volume to the notes you actually pick.

Once you have this part down, let's go to the next page.

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