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Ballad in the style of Andy McKee - Demo

David Soltany 13 lessons

Hey everyone! This is a song tutorial that will show you how to play a ballad with thumb percussion, in the style of Andy McKee.

Here's the tuning for this short song: D Bb C F G C

Change Low E string to D
Change A string to Bb
Change D string to C
Change G string to F
Change B string to G
Change High E string to C

The "X" mark in the tablature = Thumb

The main difficulty in this song is the "ringing stuff". You have to keep in mind that your rhythm won't dig a silence while playing.

You usually will have to let the notes ring out while hitting with the thumb. It's not always the case, but most of the time you have to think about it, you will give a link to 2 notes with a percussion between.

The percussion part is pretty soft, so try to just focus on the notes you're playing. Enjoy!

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