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"Money-Maker" Fills: Playthrough & Intro

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"Money-Maker" Fills: 4ths

Hello again Infinite Guitar! What are "money makers"? They are guitaristic fills that are musically pleasing to the listener and are heard mostly in very popular styles of music.

In other words, they are fills that will get you well-paying gigs! Well in theory, you would just use them at gigs.

There are many ways we can explore these types of fills but for now we will discuss two common approaches.

In the first approach we will use 4th intervals and for the second we will use double stops ala Jimi Hendrix.

The backing track that we will use is a very common chord progression;

C - G - Am - F 

I - V - vi - IV

Each fill will lead very nicley from one chord to the next and should be playable for intermediate to advanced players.