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Tutorial - Govan-esque Funk
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Govan-esque Funk: Performance

Steve Hubbard 107 lessons

Hello IG!

This tutorial is a short and sweet funk track, primarily based around a lead idea that I came up with while improvising. The track is based around a pop/funk drum beat, with a couple guitar parts on top of it.

You may notice a similarity to a popular song by the musical genius, Guthrie Govan.

Another heavy influence for the lead portion of this piece is Joe Bonamassa - specifically regarding the use of the minor pentatonic scale and the way I phrased the lick.

Quick Overview:
Key of G minor
Tempo: 111bpm
Heavy focus on the G minor pentatonic scale
Lead lick can be easily manipulated and changed to fit your own personal style

Don't forget to check out the backing track for some fun improvising!

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