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Vanilla Funk Sundae! - Part IV

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Vanilla Funk Sundae! - Part III Vanilla Funk Sundae! - Backing Track

At last, the guitar solo!

Again, within the F#m blues scale, the scale slips in and out of different modes hinting at all kinds of different flavours.

Bar 60 through 61 consists of, yet again, another tapping lick - and like before - the rhythm is dependant on the player to "squeeze" the notes into the given meter. While it's written in 6's and 7's, keep this in mind and the learning process should be rather smooth. A trick with regards to the actual lick: Keep your index finger located at the 21st fret and let the pentatonic positions beneath be all that changes!

When the solo concludes, we're back to the "Pre-Chorus" riff as in Part I.

And that just about sums it up! I hope you had some fun with this, and I'll see you next time!