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Open String Legato Etude

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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In this lesson we're going to look at a cool open-string technique/pattern that I like to use. The main thing to recognize is that it's a consistent pattern simply played in different places on the fretboard. Let's take a look...

In bar 1, study the first two beats where you'll see a total of 8 sixteenth notes. Practice this small part and get it down solid before you move on. Study the picking and legato patterns used with these 8 notes, because they're going to be repeated exactly the same way throughout most of this piece. Once both of your hands become comfortable with this pattern, go ahead and start learning the full etude.

For bars 1 through 4 we'll be playing the main melody, then beginning in bar 5 we'll play the accompanying harmony.

Once you learn this etude, I'd highly recommend you try to incorporate this technique into your own music, whatever the style may be. Have fun!

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