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Tutorial - Rock Ballad Solo
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Rock Ballad Solo

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Welcome everyone!

For this lesson I'm going to show you a solo from a song I recently wrote. There's a lot of emotion and depth to this particular song, so when it came time for the solo I wanted to write something simple yet powerful.

One of the keys to a solo like this is having a sensitive touch with the notes. Dynamics is key! Don't play it carelessly, experiment with each note and adapt whatever sensitivity level you see fit for any given note. Just make sure it speaks to the listener.

Vibrato is another key concept in this solo. Without it, it would sound a lot less interesting to say the least. Keep the vibrato slow, don't tense up with super-fast vibrato. Utlize control.

Legato is yet another thing to pay close attention to in this solo. Keep those slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs steady.

Lastly, keep those bends in tune and in time. There are a couple spots where you'll be bending up a full step then resolving back to the original note. Keep those bends in tune throughout their entire duration.

Once you have the solo down, head on over to the next page for the extended backing track!

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