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Tutorial - Shawn Lane Lines
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Shawn Lane Lines - Part 2

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

OK! In the second "Lane Line", we'll use a whole-tone scale, descending diagonally in the opposite direction.

Whilst the first line descended in the opposite direction, we only moved approximately 1 octave in range, while we here will move more than 3 octaves!

You will see that the pattern is the same, and as with the first one, I do a symmetrical pattern between the B and G-string, adding "double notes", which not only makes the transitions easier t play, but also helps add to that "falling down the stairs" effect.

I'd also like you to try playing this line in triplets, and not only in straight note values. You should be able to play any line in any note value at a given tempo, rather than just always using a single note value at different tempo, or the same "technically comfortable tempo" regardless of the tempo you're playing over.

With those two lines down, experiment using this approach on other scales and symmetrical shapes, wiht or without hybrid picking, and let the legacy of the late great Shawn Lane live on in your playing!

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