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The Eccentric Hillbilly - Gettin' Fired Up

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The Eccentric Hillbilly - Performance The Eccentric Hillbilly - Slappin' n' Poppin'

To get started, we'll see some quick licks, most incorporating "chicken pickin'" , which is commonly referred to as "hybrid picking" (a technique incorporating both the pick and fingers of the right hand). The number 2 will be seen written throughout, and this symbolizes is the note written above is to be picked (or plucked) with the 2nd finger (or the middle finger) of the right hand.

At this tempo, the quick 32nd beat bursts will sound almost like a 16th triplet as they are usually located in groups of three. Don't let this throw you off, treat it as a quick "yank" of the string as a series of pull-offs. In all honesty, it could be written either way, as the distinction is quite unnoticable.

Keep an eye on those "2"'s, be aware of the technique, analyze my demonstration and try to mimic it as closely as possible. The dynamic of different techniques is usually quite noticable, and when playing any form of blue-grass/country, the sound of hybrid picking is quite distinctive.