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Tutorial - Chromatic Licks
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Chromatic Licks - Lick #3

Al Joseph 245 lessons

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And finally, Lick 3! You can think of visualizing this lick in 3-string groupings. Starting on the root in group 1. Playing the same sequence in group 2. Then, resolving to the root at the end of the sequence in group 3.

It's a very simple and cool lick when played at higher speeds as well!

P.S. One other helpful hint regarding these licks: Try playing them in different time signatures and on different beats as well. For example, instead of playing starting from beat 1, see how it sounds starting from beat 2, or perhaps the "and of 3" or "e of 1, etc. This is in so many ways more challenging and sounds way more sophisticated than just trying to play it as fast as possible. Taking the chromatic approach is all about phrasing and how you place the line. Play these too fast and they're apt to sound boring, fast! 



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