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Tutorial - "Up & Up"
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"Up & Up" - B Section Breakdown

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"Up & Up"

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Now onto the "B" section!

The chord progression of this section is the same as every 4th bar of the A section, with a few added chords at the end of each phrase to accentuate the melody.

Again that is: G/A - F/G - Ab/Bb - Bb/C - C/D - Db/Eb - D/E (last 3 chords follow the same rhythm as the melody)  

Similar to the 2nd time we hear these changes in the A section, we will play major triads.

However, this time instead of playing triads off the bass note, we'll play the major triads that already exist within the "slash" chords.

So: G - F - Ab - Bb

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