Greg Howe Arpeggio Idea: Expanding on the Idea

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Greg Howe Arpeggio Idea: Lick

Now let's expand on this idea!

The easiest route to expanding this idea into something much larger is to slide the position around in minor 3rd. (3 frets)

Now if you decide to use this same idea with a Major 7 arpeggio or basically any other arpeggio (as mentioned), sliding over 3 frets will not work.

This expanded lick is the exact same thing as before, but just sliding up 3 frets after each arpeggio.

If you go to my "Frank Gambale Sweep Idea: Arpeggio Shapes" video you will find other shapes that will work well for this idea.

I recommend checking that out! It will give you many options as far as arpeggios go!

Again, work through this slowly. See you guys next time! :)