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"Desperate Measures" Solo - Let's Analyze

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"Desperate Measures" Solo - Slow Version "Desperate Measures" Solo - Backing Track (130bpm)

Okay folks, so here are some things to keep in mind:


1. Chord Progression: Now these are technically slash chords, but I'm going to simplify them to how they're being used in the solo.

DM - Gm - Adim(or F#dim) - Cm - Repeat

DM - Gm - BbM - Cm - Dm - BbM - Gm - EbM


2. Since we can't always focus on the chords in particular while we shred a great solo, it's always a safe bet to ponder the mode we're using as well.

So for this solo we're using mostly: D Phrygian Dominant - D Eb F# G A Bb C D as our notes of choice.

Go through the solo again and observe it intervalically, and you'll most likely pull some cool information from this solo!


3. Review the video!


That's all folks. Thanks again for watching and learning. It's been a great first year with IG!