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Tutorial: Mind Melt

Mind Melt - Exercise 4

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Mind Melt - Exercise 3 Mind Melt - Backing Track 186 bpm

To close out the piece, we're going to break away from the intense rhythm playing on the lower strings and play something a bit more melodic.

Make sure all your pull-offs on the G string sound clean and equal in volume to the other notes. And don't forget to keep all the notes palm muted on the D string (with the exception of bars 32 and 36).

I prefer to use downward pickstrokes for most of this exercise, but feel free to use whatever feels right for you as long as it makes your picking more effective.

Now, do you have all the exercises down? Then it's time to start applying what you've learned to the backing track!

Backing Track at 186 bpm
Backing Track at 150 bpm