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Creating Instrumental Music: Intro

Al Joseph 245 lessons

Creating any kind of music is a wonderful experience. That feeling of expressing yourself through music is just too addictive to comprehend. Although this is true, so many of us get caught up in the "dos and don'ts" of even the simplest aspects of this craft, making this free experience a prison. Especially when it comes to composing music.

Today I want to run you through just 3 steps I keep track of when writting music in my profession. I think these methods will help slowly do away with certain writer's block issues and help you get into a rhythm of composing music rather than looking at it as a chore or a mountain too great to climb.

In my profession I am forced to come up with things on the fly very often and with years of experience it's all boiled down to just 3 main steps for me.

Let's move onto the next video and I'll explain my process...


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