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Modern Metal Solo Breakdown: Intro

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Modern Metal Solo Breakdown: Part 1

Hello again! This is the 4th and final lesson on Modern Metal! If you're new to this series, check out the first tutorial here.

We're finally to the guitar solo! We'll be breaking this solo down into 3 sections.

1. The first section is the first pentatonic line based around the 3rd (fret)  position G minor pentatonic scale.

2. The second section is the second pentatonic line based around the 10th (fret) position G minor pentatonic scale. 

3. The third section is the 32nd note diminished 7 arpeggio run using some hybrid picking.

Again like in the previous videos on modern metal, we will be tuned to the Dropped C tuning which is:

C - G - C - F - A - D

One side note I should mention is that when I'm improvising in dropped tunings I tend to exclude the low C string due to the fact that it can sometimes throw off my scale/arpeggio patterns.