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Tutorial: Voice Leading

Voice Leading: Breakdown continued

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Voice Leading: Demo and Breakdown Voice Leading: Recap and Outro

Allow me to explain the chord inversions I've used in order:

Bbmaj7 (root)

Eb7 (2nd)

Abmaj7 (root)

Dbmaj7 (2nd)

Gm7b5 (root)

C7 (2nd)

Fm7 (root)

F7 (root)

F7 (1st)

Root Inversion = root note in the bass

1st Inversion = 3rd in the bass

2nd inversion = 5th in the bass

3rd inversion = 7th in the bass

One thing to note is that the deciding factor as to which inversion we are playing is left up to which note is the lowest voice (bass note).