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Tutorial - Jazz Lines
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Jazz Lines (Bossa #1)

Mike Edwin 69 lessons

Bossa style lines. no.1,

This one of the first lines I was ever proud to put my name to, It has since become a common tool in my improvisations. It is based on the first 8 bars of the tune ' Blue Bossa '


In bar one the line begins with a simple Cm arpeggio ascending then descending with a b5 on beat 4, implying a Cm7b5 chord. Continuing through bar 2 with a playful ascent through the C Dorian mode.

Bars 4-5 outlines an Fm9(11) chord starting on the 3rd degree and ending on the root of the chord.

(note: The final 5 bars consist of a minor II-V-I '2-5-1 'progression, remember this for the next time you come across this set of chords.)

This note remains and acts as the 3rd of the Dm7b5 arpeggio which ascends then falls to the root of the chord which then gracefully falls again onto the 7th degree of the G7 chord in bar 6.

This line continues downward implying a G7#5(b9) chord with the use of the C harmonic minor scale. Finally, it resolves back to the Cm chord and ending on the 5th degree. Remember, when soloing over a Bossa Nova or other Latin rhythms you generally want to play with a 'straight' as opposed to 'swing' feel.

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