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Soloing in the Style of Mike Stern: Solo

Mike Salow 210 lessons

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Hi Guys!

For this tutorial I've done something a little different and gone with a bebop solo transcription.

The backing track you hear is actually a minor 24 bar blues:

i(1)     Am - Am - Am - Am

   Am - Am - Am - Am

iv(4)   Dm - Dm - Dm - Dm

i(1)     Am - Am - Am - Am

bVI(b6) F7 - F7  

V(5) E7alt - E7alt

i(1) Am - Am - Am - Am

(This would usually be 12 bars but I've extended it to 24 since the tempo is so high.)

This is very typical of Mike Stern. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a Stern solo of minor blues changes. 

This solo was completely improvised so I've done my best to break down the more important lines in the following videos.

The TAB is 100% accurate, down to the exact picking pattern I use.

Jazz has specific phrasings and inflections so pay close attention to the Tab.


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