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Tutorial - Line Integration
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Line Integration - Fusion Cycle

Al Joseph 245 lessons

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The method here is to take any lick you like and breaking it down in a way in which you can play it non stop to a metronome or drum loop. Keep in mind I don't use metronomes to build speed alone. I make sure I'm playing in time, thus innately increasing accuracy and speed simultaneously within time.

Two things that are crucial to this exercise:

1. Building muscle memory

2. Playing in time.

You'll also see that when you cycle this lick, it will land on different beats automatically corresponding to the 1 beat. This is intentional and it is perfectly fine. Keep playing.

**** ALWAYS KEEP TRACK [FEEL] WHERE THE ONE BEAT IS. This is the whole point to this exercise. If you don't work hard on this you defeat the purpose of this whole tutorial. ****

Make sure whether you're using a metronome or drum machine (preferably), you're building your sense of where the 1st beat of each measure is. Feeling/Knowing where you are in the meter is crucial in all aspects of your performance.

Good luck,


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