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Dividing Rhythm - Analysis Part 2

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In the next couple of bars we start out pretty straight forward. I go down the Dorian in bar 9, and end up in Mixolydian pentatonic in bar 10.

After that however, some technically interesting things comes into play. In bar 12, I using a legato run in the Mixolydian scale, but do not land on the major third, but rather the 2nd degree creating a 9-chord feel over the riff.

And then, in bar 13, I use a string skipping arpeggio idea, similar to what you might find Paul Gilbert play. I use the F# minor arpeggio, but also add some notes in between from the scale to create a more interesting line. I end this line by bending the 6th D# up to the dominant 7th E, and hold this bend over the bar change, resolving it in bar 14, which is in the next part of the analysis. So head on over there!