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'In the style of' Guthrie Govan - Full Video

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Yo! and welcome to my latest tutorial this time focusing on the style and techniques of the amazing UK guitarist Guthrie Govan.

This lesson was created with inspiration from the following:

Blues Jam Tracks
Cornford Records

I first came across Guthrie Govan when he won the UK Guitarist of the Year back in 1993 with his track 'wonderful slippery thing'. After winning the competition, Guthrie went on to contribute didactic material for the UK's best selling guitar magazine 'guitar techniques' and still contributes to this day. After the release of the 'tone merchants' dvd, which was recorded at the NAMM show in January 2005, Guthrie attained a kind of legendary status, amongst guitar fanatics, as a virtuoso who seemed to have no technical limitations. Guthrie spent some time writing and performing with the Prog Rock group 'Aisa' and also 'The Young Punx' but it was the release of his debut CD 'Erotic Cakes' in August 2006 that made the biggest impact upon the underground guitar world.

OK, even though there are some very advanced techniques employed here, you don't have to be an advanced guitarist to benefit from some of the tasty phrasing on offer. Check out the solo example and get ready to learn some of those lucid lines!

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