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Tutorial - Basic Mixing Tips
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Basic Mixing Tips: Aggressive Guitar

Lucas Fowler 43 lessons

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Hi all!

This month we're looking a some tips for getting a good, clean mix doing your own recordings. In this first example we'll deal with some ways to treat heavy electric guitar tracks.

First we'll use our four band equalizer to find some offensive frequencies in the guitar tone and remove them. We'll also clean up the unneccesary bass frequencies to allow the bass guitar room to breathe in the mix. The high end roll off will make the guitar sound much warmer and smoother in the track underneath the wash of cymbals.

We'll then add some compression to the guitar track to keep it from being too loud or soft in the mix while still maintaing the dynamics of pick attack.

Note that I'm mixing the guitar panned in the center, and then apply the changes to the doubled track and split them left and right for maximum spread in the stereo spectrum.

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