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Tutorial - Basic Mixing Tips
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Basic Mixing Tips: Heavy Electric Bass

Lucas Fowler 43 lessons

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Next lets tweak our bass sound!

Bass can be a little difficult to mix into a track, particularly with a really thick sounding track that is drop tuned like our example. Since the low note we're dealing with here is "B", we'll want to keep the bottom end of the mix but we still want to be able to hear the attack of the bass.

The way I like to do this is by copying the bass track and treating each track differently. I use one track for a heavily compressed, mostly clean bass sound. This will keep the mix full and fat without any weird bumps in the low end. Then I'll add the second track in with a very distorted, midrange focused sound. I start with the "clean" bass sound to fill in the low end of the mix and then slowly raise the distorted "dirty" bass sound until I can just barely hear it in with the guitars. That little bit of attack can go a very long way inside the full mixed track!

Remember, you can always add more copies of the bass treated in different ways to accentuate certain registers of the instrument, or certain parts of the song. Digital recording is great!

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