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16th Note Displacement - Mixing It Up

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16th Note Displacement - The Basics 16th Note Displacement - Playing with Drums

Now, let's mix it up a little bit. In the last lesson, we learned how to omit specific 16th note counts consistently throughout a single measure. Now we're going to omit different 16th note counts throughout a single measure. Make sure you count the 16th notes out loud while you play the patterns.

Let's go over the first pattern. In the first two beats of the measure, you'll take out the "e" counts. In the third and forth beats, you'll take out the "a" counts. Practice playing it on the Low E string as well as strumming the pattern with any chord you want.

Now let's analyze the second pattern beat by beat. In the first beat, you'll play all four 16th notes. In the second beat, you'll take out the "e" count. In the third beat, you'll take out the "e" count as well as the "a" count. Lastly, in the fourth beat, you'll play all four 16th notes.

Be sure to listen in the video how I play the patter slow, fast, as well as with a strum pattern. Be sure to practice patterns like these on single strings and also with strumming.