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"Hypnoustic Groove" Acoustic Demo

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"Hypnoustic Groove" Acoustic Demo - Part 1

Hey Guys, welcome to this song tutorial!

We're going to be checking out some advanced techniques in order to familiarize yourself with modern percussive-style playing.

This demo was made by a sample company called Orange Tree samples. They have been making some very cool virtual instruments.

I decided to translate one of their demos into a real acoustic guitar performance since this demo was made with a virtual acoustic one. Enjoy!

So first, the tuning is : DACFAC
Change Low E string to D
Leave A string as A
Change D string as C
Change G string to F
Change B string to A
Change High E string to C

Here's the marking for the tablature:

Kk (Kick) : use the palm of your right hand to knock on body
(Snare) : use your first finger on right hand to knock on body
Hh (
Simplified Hi-Hat) : use your third finger of your left hand (4th finger works too) to hit the strings
(1st left hand finger)
2L (2nd left hand finger)
(1st right hand finger)

(2nd right hand finger)

The X mark on Tab defines when the Kick/Snare/Hi-Hat  happens not where the percussion is hitting (for an example the X mark doesn't mean you have to knock on  E1 string).