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Tutorial - Sweep Picking
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Sweep Picking: 3 String Etude

Robert Mussatti 91 lessons

In this lesson, I have combined most of the 3 string arpeggios we have learned so far into a little "Etude" which will give you an idea of how these can be used.

Now you might be wondering why we are learning all of these inversions. It's simple: economy. This is also why we learn chord inversions as well. They are designed for minimal movement across the fretboard so that we aren't jumping around whenever we want to play a certain sweep arpeggio or a chord.

Make sure that you start this slow on the metronome, and get the movements down. It does you no good if you just try to learn this as fast as possible without knowing how to play it correctly. Once you have it down, THEN you can start increasing the tempo. This Etude is in the key of A major and I have also highlighted the arpeggio type and its inversion.

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