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Rock Chords - The Power Chord

Mike Edwin 69 lessons

Welcome Aboard!

Right now we will take a look at 'Power Chords'

At the beginning of this video you will see a short demonstration of Power Chords in action. More often than not you will hear these chords used in Metal/Rock and Pop music.

They are simple and effective and definitely something worth learning.

The construction of the Power chord is about as simple as it gets when chords are concerned.

If we take any root note and play a perfect 5th above it. We have a power chord.

If your unfamiliar with intervals don't be concerned. The shape of this chord remains generally the same when played anywhere on the guitar. So even if your not sure what a 'perfect 5th' means just yet. You will soon be able to recognize power chord's when you see them. There is only one series of strings where the shape of this chord changes. Check out the Diagram Image for examples of Power Chords played on every string.

You will see they just about all fall under the same shape except for the ones in 'bar 3' (of which the 'root note' begins on the G string/string 3)

A quick word on the construction of the chord now.

Lets take a look at the first chord in our musical example.

It is written as an A5. This means the root of the chord is A and it also has a 5th. If you counted up the A major scale to the 5th degree you will find this note. eg; A B C# D (E) F# G# ect...

For comparisons sake we will look at the next chord. G5
Counting up the G major scale - G A B C (D) E F# ect...

So having said this. If you pick any note and count up that notes major scale to the 5th note. Play them both together and you automatically have a Power Chord!

Enough Chatter! Get your guitar out and have a go at the riff I played for you. Then see if you can come up with your own! I'm sure you will in no time at all.

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