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Melodic Minor Scales - Chord Construction Pt. II

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Remember that I'm playing these chords in 4ths tuning but the TAB is in standard so my shapes look a little different.

Chord V is built from the note G and is called,

G7#5 or G seven sharp five.

Two voicings are provided.

Chord VI is built from the note A and is called,

Am7b5nat9 or A minor 7 flat 5 natural 9

Finally, chord VII is built from the note B and is called,

B7alt or B 7 altered

Altered means that the chord can contain any or all of the following - a b5,#5,b9 or #9. In the case of this shape we have a #5 and #9 in the voicing. Move onto the next video to see how we can use these complex sounding chords and their parent scale in a harmonic context.

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