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Expand Your Improvisation - Backing Track

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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Okay Guitar Slingers!

Here is the backing track for you to jam along with. I suggest you start out by going through the transcribed solo, and pick and choose what you liek best there. Then record something of your own over it, and post in the IG forums =)

Suggested scales (apart from targeting chord notes) to use over this backing would be Gmin Pentatonic, G Half-whole step, G Whole step, G Altered, E diminished, and pleeeenty of chromatics :)

Below is a transcript of the bassline and chords used in this backing. This is just the general look of it, since there are some places where I vary both bass and harmony, but this will get you thorugh it. As you see it is a pretty static groove which lends itself beautifully to altered and cromatic playing (the cornerstones of modern fusion). Try it on for size, and never loose sight of the groove!!!

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