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Expand Your Improvisation - Example 1

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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Okey, time for example #1!

In this example, using the fingering from the 1st position, it feels natural for me to expand and vary this idea with a more traditional blues/funk approach. The result is example #1. You can see that this idea only contains the notes of the G min Blues scale.

You should also play closer attention to the fact that certain notes are played using hybrid picking, which entails using both the pick and the fingers of the right hand at the same time. The reason I opt to use this technique is not only to make it easier to play, but because it also enables me to get a “snappier” tone out of the notes I choose to play with my fingers.

Same thing goes here as with all examples in this tutorial. Examine how I have varied the line, and try the same concept on your own ideas.

Once you’re done with this part, move on to example #2!

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