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Tutorial: Trusting a Hope

Trusting a Hope - Exercise 5 (Solo part 1)

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On to the solo!

When you look at the tablature, the first thing you might notice are those wavy lines throughout. Those lines simply mean to give vibrato to the notes. Anytime you have a note with significant duration, be sure to give it some tasty vibrato.

Also, please watch your pitch when you play the bends. For example, take a look at bar 24 where you'll see 2 bends taking place. Those bends are bent up a 1/2 step. So make sure when you bend the 12th fret note(B), it resounds the exact pitch of the 13th fret note(C). Then, in the next measure, you'll have to bend up a whole step. So when you bend that 10th fret note(A), it should resound the exact pitch of the 12th fret note(B).