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"Starting Here" Solo - Part 3

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"Starting Here" Solo - Part 2 "Starting Here" Solo - Backing Track

This is the conclusion of the solo. A fiesta of string-skipped legato tapping lines which highlight the underlying chord progression (Am, Dm, G, C, F, Bb and E). Much like the sweeping technique, it is imperative that you isolate issues related to string noise and work towards muting them in the most productive fashion. I usually find that using the wrist-area of the right hand works fine when used properly. Create a rolling motion with the right hand and kill the notes that are giving you trouble. Especially the notes that you skip! You can also experiment with “nudging” - a fairly common technique (dubbed by myself) where the left hand actually gently grazes the string it isn’t immediately playing while fretting the main note. This will deaden the sound of unwanted string noise.