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Tutorial - Trusting a Hope
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Trusting a Hope - Exercise 6 (Solo part 2)

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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The second half of the solo is a little more challenging.

We'll be playing 32nd notes to an aggressive picking and legato pattern. I strongly suggest playing along with your metronome for this exercise in particular. Nail it at a slow speed before trying it at full tempo.

The pickstrokes are a bit mixed throughout this part. Be mindful of the pickstrokes I indicated in the tablature, as it's definitely the easiest way to pick the pattern with ease of motion.

You'll also see that we'll be using a substantial amount of legato as there are many pull-offs. Make sure the pull-offs are crystal clear. Sometimes it's easy to get lazy with legato at faster speeds, but we aren't lazy right?! :)

Once you have this last part down, you're ready for the backing track on the next page. See you there!

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