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    Sean Conklin
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    Hey all!

    We’ve had a few people talk to us about how they’d like to be able to follow along with the tabs while they watch the videos on the lesson pages. And also how it’s slightly tedious to scroll back and forth from the video player to the tabs below. So we’ve been thinking about a solution.

    Since the video player is fairly large, there isn’t really a way we can have the player and the tab showing on the same page while also being in the same view. However, we figure Popup Windows would be a good solution.

    You may have already noticed, but on the lesson pages you’ll now see a “Popup” link on each menu bar that will activate the desired popup. So now, while you view the videos, you can create a new popup window for the text, images, or tab. That way you can watch the videos while also looking at the tabs, text, or images in a popup window. All the popup windows are resizeable as well.

    Hope this helps out a bit! 🙂 Thanks everyone,


    Mike Edwin
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    Very cool feature Sean!

    Rick Graham
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    That really does help when I’m learning some of the other guys stuff, nice one!

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    Thanks Sean yep makes it a lot easier now 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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