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Soloing with Rhythmic Variation: Intro

Mike Salow 210 lessons

Hi there guys!

In this tutorial I'm going to talk about something that I teach all the time to my college students. This is the idea of learning rhythmic variations.

This is something that we might do already but are we doing it correctly?

I know we all use some licks or patterns that use straight 16th notes or 16th not triplets or eight note triplets and that's great BUT do these lines go anywhere?

Do the lead nicely into another line or are they static? (meaning you start the lick, play till the end and then stop?

The idea I want to present to you is the idea of weaving these rhythms together.

Playing comfortably from eight notes to eight note triplets to 16th notes and so on without a break in the pattern.

This may sound like a simple concept but it can be challenging for some.

Listen to guys like Greg Howe, Allan Holdsworth, and Guthrie Govan. You can clearly hear this concept being applied within their playing.

The concept of rhythmic variation.

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