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    Just checked out Tom’s new video on recording with Impulse Responses. Well done, as usual.

    I’ve got the Recabinet Vintage & Modern Impulse Reponses which I use with Ultiverb, and they’re cool, but there’s a lot to dig through. As a lazy guitar player who likes to see BIG knobs in front of me for tweaking (get your minds out of the gutter…), I didn’t see that with these impulse responses, so either they’re buried in the software, or they simply don’t exist.

    As a nice alternative, and for a little less than the Recabinet IR’s, Audio Ease makes a nice all-in-one plugin called Cabinet. It offers 5 different cabs, but it also offers “tweak” knobs for controlling bass response, stereo field, spring reverb, room mic volume, and room dampening. It’s my new favorite. I use amp sim plugins which have their own speaker sims, but I turn off the speaker sims and use Cabinet. I can make it sound like the amp was recorded from across a large room if I want.

    Worth a look.

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