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    AvatarRobert Mussatti

    So who is going to see this next week?

    I know that I am going as soon as I am done with classes that day.
    I’m not even going to head home, just go right to the movie theater.

    I have been watching the Indiana Jones movies since I was a little kid and have been looking forward to this for years.

    I might just buy his tan fedora and wear it to the premiere just for kicks. 😀

    AvatarSean Conklin

    Definitely interested in seeing this one. It’ll be interesting to see how well they resurrect it. I have a feeling it’ll be excellent.


    i’m debating whether or not i’ll go wednesday at midnight or not. The only reason not to is because i have my music theory final on thursday morning!


    Too many movies I need to go see.

    I did a double feature sunday, went to see Iron Man, then let the GF drag me to Made of Honor (there were a group of guys theater hopping that left once the movie started… i think they thought it was a war movie HAHA!)

    So now I’ve gotta go see speed racer. And I think the new Narnia movie comes out this week or next, then of course there’s Indiana. Hopefully I’ll be able to just ride all these movies out until batman comes out. I gotta get that movie out of my head before I kill something out of anticipation frustration.


    I remember watching the first movies as a little kid. I can’t remember much from the movies though, but I know my girlfriend has plans of dragging me to the cinema to watch this new one.

    AvatarSean Conklin

    @Gollum 3319 wrote:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to just ride all these movies out until batman comes out. I gotta get that movie out of my head before I kill something out of anticipation frustration.

    haha That’s my story as well. I seldom anticipate movies like I’m anticipating The Dark Knight. Absolutely cannot wait.

    I’ll have to catch Indiana Jones sometime soon as well.


    I’m going on monday by the looks of it. It’s the only time my whole family has to get together for my bro’s b-day so we’ll probably do dinner and a movie.

    I still need to make my way to an IMAX to see Speed Racer.


    I was gonna go today, but since I have been down with the flu for the past 3 days, I’ll have to wait till possibly tomorrow to go see it since I am now just starting to feel better.

    From some of the reviews, it’s either being praised highly or condemned harshly, even comically. But it did good at the Cannes film festival earlier in the week, not getting booed out like The Davinci Code did. They clapped harder before the movie started than after though.


    Well, I got back from seeing it earlier today, and first off, I must point out that there was an abnormally high amount of old people seeing the movie. I mean, I had no problem with it, but you’d think something like an Indiana Jones movie would cater to the younger people.

    Anyways, although it was nothing new, the movie was still very good. Lots of good action sequences, the music was the standard Indy music we’ve heard in the previous 3 films, and for some reason at times, Harrison Ford’s acting seemed kinda forced and not natural, like he was pushing himself to stay within the “Indy” mentality. But at times, I couldn’t tell the difference between the Indy of the 80’s and the Indy now, aside from the graying hair.

    The only gripe I have is with the Spaceship at the end. It really seemed unnecessary to me, as well as some of the “paranormal” aspects of the film. I must admit, at times I was asking myself “is this really an Indy movie?” But even with all of it, it still beats out anything in the theaters today. I’d go and see this despite the lukewarm reviews people seem to be giving it. But I might be a bit biased seeing as I have always had a soft spot for the Indy Films.

    AvatarMike Edwin

    I finally caught it tonite. It was better than expected. Harrison held fairly true to the original role in my opinion.

    The Aliens thing was a cool idea but the space ship was definately a bit over the top. They could have just made the temple collapse and left it at that. I think that would have been more satisfying.

    Anyway. Good film. Indy rocks.


    I was feeling the alien aspect was kinda over the top… but even being a Christian I have to admit that Raiders of the Lost Ark is kinda in the same vein of hokey. And that’s kinda the point. The movies have always been kinda half comical and half serious enough to get to the next action scene.

    I loved the retro sound effects and the overall sound presentation. I loved the visual quality of the film, and the filters they were using on the film. Lots of eye candy.

    My lasting impression is that I’ll glady buy it and watch it from time to time. Possibly more often than many other movies I own, and my collection is small as I’ve always shared movies with the rest of my family, and odds are my brother and sister with also buy their own copies.

    I have no clue why some of the critics have been tearing the movie apart so bad. I thought it was right in the vien of the origonal movies and I liked it.

    AvatarSean Conklin

    Aaahhhh I can’t lie. I saw it, and really didn’t like it. Some aspects were cool, and actually pretty hilarious. I loved the “Wubullews” line at the beginning haha. And some of the action was decent.

    But man, it was just way too cheesy for me. Seemed way more cheesy than the older films from what I remember. (Granted, I haven’t seen the older films in quite a few years) Anyway, I couldn’t stand the villain woman. She gave the movie a massive amount of cheese factor. They should at least have the “bad guy” somewhat intimidating with a less distracting attitude and haircut. And the aliens at the end was a horrible idea. Honestly, what’s up with Steven Spielberg? It’s like he has to tie in aliens into every single movie he does. It was totally forced.

    I loved the old flicks, but this one was just bad for me. Oh well! 😀


    I can totally get where you’re comming from, and I think most people who don’t like it will dislike it for the same reasons.

    But I still din’t find it much cheesier than the old movies. Maybe it was just cheesy in a more obvious and pronounced way.

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