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Licking Up the Modes: Lydian - Intro

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Licking Up the Modes: Lydian - Lick 1

It's back!!!

"Licking Up the Modes" has shown itself once again! Finally moving onto Lydian! 

Like the rest of the licking up the modes series, we'll be using C as our starting note so as to see the differences in each mode. (Parallel modes)

C Lydian is constructed as follows:

1 - C

2 - D

3 - E

#4 - F#

5 - G

6 - A

7 - B

It's good to note that when using Lydian there are no void tones. Every note can sound good as an extension to a Cmaj7 chord or as a landing note while soloing.

Also note that the #4 or "#11" is what we'd call the "Lydian" note. It's the note that sets it apart from the other modes. Including this note will have a nice effect when soloing or comping.