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    Mikey Marrero here from Charlotte, North Carolina!
    Great to be a part of the Infinite Guitar Community.

    Look forward to studying from guys like Tom Quayle and Rick Graham

    Background info:
    Been playing guitar since I was 11 years and quickly immersed myself in heavy rock, shred, and fusion styles.
    Since the age of 17, I have been studying Classical Guitar in College and am part of the Jazz Big Band in Charlotte.
    I am also a guitar, bass, & piano instructor for the Ballantyne School of Music, and own a private teaching business by the name of “Marrero Studios”.

    I Look forward to spending a lot of energy studying jazz and fusion. I recently joined a jazz trio, and need to develop a strong vocabulary to help with
    musical phrasing and comping. If anybody can recommend guitar players/Jazz standards to study from, please send them my way!
    I already know about Pat Metheny, John Schofield, Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Jimmy Herring, Joe Pass, Pat Martino, and Kevin Eubanks.

    Any other advice about jazz comping, and phrasing let me know. I am all open ears and all about learning.



    AvatarSean Conklin


    First off, welcome! Secondly, I checked out your video from the other thread, you and your band sound killer!! Are you guys still together making music?


    Thank you Sean!

    We have halted live situations due to complexity in schedules and band mates impregnating their wives. Etc.
    You can only imagine.

    Depending on how the future pans out with scheduling, we may get back together and start performing again.
    We are working on the audio recordings of these songs, along with writing new material whenever there is time.

    Lately I have been getting together with other like minded musicians in the Charlotte, NC area, focusing on a jazz trio/quartet fusion/funk vibe for the time being.

    AvatarSean Conklin

    Excellent man. If you ever get live footage with your current jazz/funk project be sure to post! 🙂

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