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Classical Guitar Solo - Pavane by F.Tarrega

Rick Graham 210 lessons

A very warm welcome to you for this continuation of pieces by the Spanish master Francisco Tarrega.

For today's installment, we will be taking a look at Tarrega's "Pavane", which is one of many charming 'miniatures' penned by this prolific composer.

In the instance, the Pavane follows an A-B-C structure with rhythmic pulse being in duple time. This could be notated in 2/4, but Tarrega's original manuscript is scored in 4/4 and I'm not going to argue with the master!

Harmonically, the piece is nice and simple and the B section, as is often the case, modulates in the dominant direction with the C section completely outlining the change from the tonic to the dominant of the original key(E major).

Ok, grab a nice cup of tea and watch the video and when you're ready head on over to Part 1!


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