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Guitar Tutorial

Finger Independence and Coordination

Instructor: Richard Lundmark
Topic: Exercises
Style: Any Style
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Richard Lundmark Level: Beginner Topic: Exercises Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Welcome! In this tutorial we will take a look at two exercises to help build your left hand finger independence and coordination. When we think of coordination exercises, we most often think of scale-based or chromatic single string exercises, geared towards making you pull of fast, complex scale runs. These exercises however, even though they WILL help yo...

    Media Length: 4:20

  • Instructor: Richard Lundmark Level: Intermediate Topic: Exercises Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: In part 2, we take the same position and idea, but up the ante considerably. Now we are dealing with 2 fingers, moving in pairs, while the others remain anchored on the G-string. Now it is important to note that even though you do not HAVE to move one finger back to the G-string when ascending in order to have the correct notes ring out, you SHOULD, from a...

    Media Length: 6:02