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Guitar Tutorial

Economy of Motion - Economy Picking

Instructor: Rick Graham
Style: Any Style
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Rick Graham Level: Intermediate Topic: Scales Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Hello and welcome to my new tutorial on Economy of motion. In this tutorial we will be focusing on the key elements required to play the guitar with the minimum amount of physical exertion. In this first installment we will be looking at the technique of economy picking. Economy picking is a picking technique which uses economy of motion to great effect. O...

    Media Length: 2:45

  • Instructor: Rick Graham Level: Intermediate Topic: Technique Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Ok, let's have a look at this sequence in a little bit more depth. This sequence is made up of the notes of an G minor penatonic scale and is played on the 5th and 6th strings only. We start in scale position 5 and gradually move up the neck, passing through each respective scale position until we arrive at position 1 on the 17th fret of the 6th string. Eac...

    Media Length: 0:51