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String Skipping Arpeggios - Part 1

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String Skipping Arpeggios - Part 2

Hey guys, and welcome to this lesson on string skipping arpeggios!

We will be looking major and minor arpeggios, and how to transform them into string skipping arpeggios, and also adding other notes from the major and minor scale, creating those familiar "shred"-type arpeggio sequences. Later on, we will also be covering tapping arpeggios, as well as diminished arpeggios.

So, grab your giiitar and get going!

In the first examples, you can see how I have mapped out the notes of the C major arpeggio across 3 strings, the D- G- and E-string. This kind of pattern enables for easier sequencing and allows you to play more intricate patterns when soloing. Try them out!