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Drop Tuned Triads: Intro

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Drop Tuned Triads: Major

Hi all!

For this tutorial we'll be covering drop tuned major and minor voicings.

Although I am using a 7 string in this tutorial you can use a 6, 7, or 8 string guitar as long as you are in a traditional drop tuning. 

In these examples we will only be using the lowest 3 strings, in my case these strings are tuned A - E - A. If you are in drop D it would be D - A - D.

We'll discuss three basic three note voicings, root inversion, 1st inversion (3rd in the bass), and 2nd inversion (5th in the base) and their arpeggios.

The 2nd video will cover major triads and the 3rd video will cover minor while the 4th and final video will include an etude to practice using these voicings.