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Tutorial - Tuning in 4ths
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Tuning in 4ths - Working Out Shapes

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

It's actually pretty easy to work out shapes that will work in this tuning. The system is easy and relies on information you probably already know.

Basically, any shapes that work on the bottom 4 strings will work anywhere on the guitar now. For example the G major 7 chord shape listed below will work in any position, octave or string set and is the shape we would normally use on the bottom 4 strings anyway. I've mapped out the same idea with a G major 7 arpeggio.

Try it yourself - it's a superb way to learn the fretboard in this tuning and I think you'll be surprised as to how quickly you can expand your fretboard knowledge! Remember - you're not cheating, you're just making life easier for yourself.

As a final note I'd just like to say that this is primarily a tuning for improvising guitarists. Don't use this tuning if you're wanting to play cover songs or use a lot of open string or barre chords. You'll lose all the advantages that standard tuning gives you in this respect.

Ask in the forums if you want any specific shapes or scales mapped out or have any further questions!

See you soon,


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