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Guitar Care 101: Intro to Maintaining Your Instrument

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Hey all! I'd like to show you some basic techniques for taking care of your guitar.

As players, we can be rough on our instruments and even the most gentle hands still leave residue on the fingerboard. In this video, I'll show you step by step how to clean and condition your fingerboard, clean and polish your frets and do a neat, functional job restringing the instrument.

I'll also touch on checking neck relief and the depth of your nut slots and how to adjust your truss rod. If after adjusting your neck and checking your nut you still have buzz issues, then I recommend you take the guitar to a skilled technician for inspection, as you may have fret issues.

Since guitars see a lot of play time, I repeat this process almost every time I restring. However, players who don't play 3-4 hours a day may be able to do this twice a year. Just keep an eye out for gunk on your fingerboard. If it starts to collect enough that you can scrape it off with a fingernail, its time to clean it. Keeping the board clean can prolong the life of your strings significantly!