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The 4 Cable Method - Creating a Clean Channel

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The 4 Cable Method - Creating a Lead Channel

Creating the clean channel using the 4-cable method has its unique set of circumstances.

Remember, as we are bypassing the preamp-section completely and going straight to the Power amp section of the amp, we do not have the tone shaping of the preamp section EQ at our disposal.

However, the EQ in your FX-unit could suffice just as well, especially if it has a sweep-able midrange. Also, adding some effects and a compressor will make it sound great!

It is also important to determine which KIND of clean sound you like. In the video, I have the wattage of the amp set fairly low, which means lower headroom for power amp distortion. In this way I am able to get a nice “grit” to my clean sound, making it not so “uber-clean”, which I like.

Experiment with the output and input levels of your FX-unit here! If you want it super clean, you must set it accordingly, and then adjust the level of your gain channel to match.

After setting this, you should know the drill by now. Just go to yet another bank, and create even more glorious guitar sounds!