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Tutorial - Guitar Setup 101
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Tremolo String Change - Part 2

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String Change cont.

On a guitar with a locking nut, it is not necessary to use the string fastening techniques we've discussed before. You will have a locking top nut that will secure the strings. There are 2 main ways of fastening the strings:

1. Cut off the ball-end of the string, just before the double wind near the ball-end.

2. Thread it through the tuning peg, raising the string off the fret board with your right hand (as described in the previous section).

3. Wind up the string, taking the first turn over the hole (and protruding string), and the other below, thus pinching the string end between the winds. Tune to pitch.

4. You could also thread the string the other way (as seen in the video). You insert the string through the peg first, draw it through all the way until the ball-end bottoms out against the tuning peg. Then pull the string tight along the fret board. Cut the string near the back of the tremolo (above the fine-tuners on a Ibanez Edge). This will give you enough string to allow for adjusting saddles when intonating, but remove the sharp and nasty string ends on the headstock.

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