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Tutorial - Dominant Inversions
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Dominant Inversions - 1st Inversion Pt.1

Mike Edwin 69 lessons

Dominant Inversions
1st Inversion Part 1.

Enjoy our new riff!!

This demonstration is showing us one possible scenario for using the 1st Inversion.

After you have played through and made some sense of this lesson, have a go at using the inversions we have looked at so far (along with any other voicing's of the Eb7 and Bb7 chord you know) to make your own passage. Keep it simple at first. Just think of a nice simple melodic line that could be played over these chords. Then see if you can add put some chords under it.

If you're not confident enough with the idea yet, continue on with the tutorial. Part 2 of this lesson has some more information on the 1st inversion you will benefit from.

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